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My video art practice has developed through residencies: such as with The Eden Project (Cornwall, 2020); and exhibitions: such as Enlighten Film Festival (Bendigo, 2018); the Young Talent Film Festival (Cardiff, 2020); and BORDERLESS (Online, 2020). 

Above, I have linked to some digital versions of my work. However, my work is most impactful in person. The first space you enter, is a brightly lit room surrounded by framed stills, nodding to the archetypal gallery space. From here, you enter a second room, shrouded in darkness. Multiple videos clips, between 6-24, are shown simultaneously projected on the walls. The focus of the footage is on light, colour, reflections and small moments, all taken out of context and abstracted through alternative angles and close ups. The order of the videos is generated randomly, allowing endless ‘accidental’ juxtapositions to emerge - no two visits are the same. 'Props', scents and soundscapes assist in creating an immersive atmosphere, yet this is not cinema. The clips repeatedly point to a timelessness, keeping the viewer in a state somewhere between immersion and awareness - an 'intuition chamber' of sorts.

My filmmaking methods are akin to endurance art - repeated visits to the same place until the mood is captured, or walks with a grand enough time scale that logic no longer takes precedent over my choice of subjects. Meditation, ecological texts and current social issues are a huge influence.


To discuss exhibiting current works, or commissioning new works, please get in touch or take a look at my art CV. 

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