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Growing Up With Fairfield

Growing Up With Fairfield

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My experience in documentary spans from web mini series, such as London's Sport Side (Londnr, 2022), London Eccentrics (Londnr, 2022) and Ask a Londnr (Londnr, 2022) to feature length, such as Growing Up With Fairfield (Fairfield Association, 2020)

In all of these projects I took the roles of Producer, Cinematographer and Editor. 

My documentary style is highly influenced by my artistic approach - focusing on close ups, small moments and alternative angles, combined with passionately told true stories. 

Starry Cloud Pictures can function as both a Production House and/or as a member of your film crew, depending on your needs. To find out more, please feel free to contact me. 

Still from London's Sporty Side:

Episode 1 : To Ski (2022) 

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