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The Prom Fever Trailer

The Prom Fever Trailer




Working with the National Youth Film Academy, I was accepted as a Cinematographer for Prom Fever (2021), which was exhibited at ODEON late 2021. Through connections made at the Academy, I am currently working as a Cinematographer and Producer for the short film The Jump (2023), as well as a Cinematographer, Editor and Producer for the feature film Dante's (2024)

My experience in video art has largely informed my cinematography practice, focusing on conveying moods and emotions through heavy use of colour, light and stillness. I am currently completing a Level 7 (Equivalent to Masters Degree) qualification in Creative Industries Production Management. 
Starry Cloud Pictures can function as both a Production House and/or as a member of your film crew, depending on your needs. To find out more, please feel free to contact me. 

Rachel Doughty as Cinematographer, 

Prom Fever (2021)

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